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The Wolf Jockstrap SII


Designed with comfort and endurance in mind. This makes it a great choice for everyday or gym use. Combining sleek aesthetics with premium materials, this jockstrap delivers a winning combination of style and performance.

It features a snug, yet breathable design that ensures a secure fit without compromising mobility. We use cotton and elastane in combination with polyamide for comfort and reliability.

75% Cotton – 15% Elastane + 10% Polyamide.

European design and manufacture

Style: fit

thickness: moderate

elasticity: micro elastic / elastic

hand feeling: soft / silky
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Washing Care



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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Absolutely beautiful!

At first glance, the underwear looks beautiful to look at, the colors and design are just amazing! Also, the unique material it contains makes it so much better! The pouch is incredibly soft and smooth, and the straps are firm and sturdy! Wearing it is comfortable for me, too! It's not too tight and not too loose either! While wearing it, I can easily adjust it with no problem!

I'm really, really happy with the product! It's one of the best things I've owned and purchased, I'm truly satisfied!

I also want to thank the team for releasing such quality products! As always, I'm looking forward to more similar underwear such as this in the future, with more unique appearances and traits!

Gabriel Z.

One of the best pairs I own

Maxime N.
Comfy but disappointed at sizing

I was honestly quite excited to get it but came off disappointed. I always pick Large size for underwear and they always fit me relatively comfortably. Unfortunately that's not the case for this and almost every other piece of underwear I bought. And I'm stuck with it because of the no return policy. The designs look good and it feels comfy to the touch though, just wish I'd be able to wear them comfortably. All I can do is lose some weight and try to get in shape to hopefully fit into those underwear one day.

Andrew B.
It's good

Miss the older design but it's still good

Plutôt bien

J'ai bien aimé les produits que j'ai acheté et comment ils sont bien confortable ^^
Malgré le jaune ou je dirais qu'il a petit défaut, sur la bande arrière gauche qui passe sous la fesse, il n'est pas cousu dans le bon sens et du coup se retrouve à être toujours mal mis en place peut importe les efforts que j'ai pu appliqué pour le garder bien plat sur tout le long, il se retourne quand même. Il y aussi l'étiquette de la marque à l'arrière qui peut piqué parfois, peut importe que ce soit le rouge ou le jaune. Mais à part sa, ils sont vraiment parfait ! Extrêmement confortable, la matière est super douce à porter et c'est vraiment agréable !
Dommage que j'ai déjà eu une petite tâche sur le jaune que je n'arrive pas à retiré malgré les précautions de lavages donné sur le site. Je vous remercie de vendre des produits d'une bonne qualité pareil ^^